I lost 25lbs with your advice and feel so much better than I did before. I went from tons of soda to 99% water!

Christina D.

Web Designer, Smyrna, Delaware

I broke my addiction to soda and lost 3lbs in less than 12 days. Plus, I started walking 2 miles everyday and feel great.

Maria J.

Stay at Home Mom of 3, California

Harry Greenspun MD

Having known Brenda for several years, I continue to be impressed by how she has combined her passion for health and wellness with her expertise as a communicator and motivator to create powerfully impactful programs. Her infectious enthusiasm allows her to connect meaningfully with others and achieve results. Equally importantly, her honesty and empathy truly resonate and forge strong relationships. She is a standout.

Harry Greenspun, M.D. Chief Medical Officer and Managing Director, KF Health Solutions at Korn Ferry. Bethesda, Maryland

Harry Greenspun MD

Brenda Sillas is an amazing person both on a personal and professional level. She is very positive, goal oriented, business savvy, and has been very influential in encouraging others around her to recognize and attain their goals.

Summer Lonergan, PHR, CWPC, Senior Communications Consultant. San Diego, California

My husband is also exercising! Without stress, going on a “diet,” or working out for long hours, I immediately lost 3lbs!

Elisa H.

School Director and Super Mom of 3, Chula Vista, California

I loved our first session! You’re very easy to communicate with, you give undivided attention, lots of simple and practical information and great tips! You’ve given me hope again!

Cynthia D

Stay at Home Mom

Debby Clark

Brenda is articulate, detail-oriented, and driven. Her passion for health and wellness is contagious. She is well-respected by her peers for her positive energy and clients for being fair and intelligent. It will be fun to watch her as she continues to progress in her career.

Debby Clark, MBA, MA, Director of Marketing at Palomar Health. San Diego, California

Kathy Nelson

Brenda is dedicated to helping people get healthy, eat to be healthy, and start moving. She is motivating and tells it ‘straight’. She is incredibly organized and determined to help end obesity. Plus, she makes great videos of many of her great recipes. I know Brenda is on a mission and has a very bright future in front of her! You would benefit by following her blog, taking one of her classes, or attending a workshop. Whatever she offers, take it! You won’t be sorry and it most likely will change your life for the better! Brenda will put your Health first!

Kathy Nelson, S.D. Certified Life, Career & Business Coach. San Diego, California

I used to see healthy food as a punishment for my body but I now I genuinely enjoy it because of how amazing I feel when I eat for optimal health and performance. I don’t crave sweets as much as I used to, got rid of my chronic constipation and I’m more positive about making more changes.

America M

Elementary School Teacher, Downey, California

Prior to working with you my anxiety was through the roof! I needed some clarity and insight which you so graciously provided. Your ability to grasp where I was lacking confidence and provide me with an action step in order to move forward shows what an excellent coach you are!

Sherri Holzer

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Los Angeles, California

I realized I was just self sabotaging myself. Brenda really helped me home in and get laser focused on making small shifts for big results. Now I’m using cooking time as bonding time with my daughter and I feel like the possibilities are limitless – I feel open. I finally realize how my health is important for my success in both my professional and personal life.

Alycia H.

Women’s Leadership Mentor, San Diego, California

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