Great, because I’m a powerhouse, I inspire and I’m available!

I inspire Busy, Driven, Female Entrepreneurs and Professionals to put their health first.

The women I inspire are the women that do it all. The women that have a demanding and successful career or business (or perhaps even both) while raising a family, taking care of the house, cooking, being “soccer mom” and still want to look good.

Passionate, witty, optimistic, authentic, inquisitive and completely committed to health, wellness/well-being and women empowerment both in my personal and professional life.

Brenda Sillas, Powerhouse Speaker

I tell it like it is and I share with my audience what it takes to become the best and healthiest version of themselves – whether that means losing weight for good, learning how to eat the right foods to fuel them for success or learning how to make realistic lifestyle changes to help them live a life full of vitality and health.

My speaking style is fun, engaging, and most of all simple! I’m not a fan of over complicating things, which I’m sure you would appreciate. With over 10 years of experience in the corporate world as a Corporate Wellness Consultant working with Fortune 100 Companies, Spinning Instructor & Personal Trainer, and Weight Management Counselor, along with my personal passion for health – I package all of that together and bring you an unforgettable speaking engagement that your audience will be certain to take action from.

Brenda is a speaker at companies and corporate events, women’s groups and a guest on podcasts.


  • A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss
  • Health as a Life Performance Strategy
  • 6 Steps to a Total Health Makeover
  • Nutrition
    • Super Foods to Keep in Your Kitchen
    • STOP Counting Calories and START Enjoying Them
    • How to Break Your Addiction to Sugar
  • 6 Steps for a Healthier, Happier, and Balanced life
  • From Burnout to Breakthrough – How to be Resilient in Times of Chaos and Change
  • Create Your Personal Strategy for Success – The Roadmap!

More topics and custom topics available. Please contact me for more information.

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Feedback and places I’ve presented:

Keynote Address – Med Impact Toastmasters, San Diego

Start where you are.  Use what you have and take your time. You can be happy right where you are.  Make the most of your situation right now.  Hear me reflect on 2016, where I swore I would go full time entrepreneur and have a “breakthrough.” Hear me reflect on my 2016 journey – what I’m proud of, what I learned from one BIG mistake and what I’m letting go of.   

Protege Podcast

Is your workplace helping or hindering your ability to be healthy and fit? On this episode, we check in with workplace health and wellness expert Brenda Sillas who provides some practice techniques and tips to make sure you thrive during the work week. From the ergonomics of your desk to walking more to getting more sleep, we break down simple habits you can develop to keep you fit, focused, and healthy!

ESPN Radio

Regarding what motivates me. 

BNI – Del Mar

It’s not your fault you’re fat. 

On air with Paul Miller of WPHM Radio First!

Sharing her best tips on how to survive a Memorial Day BBQ (and the rest of summer BBQ’s) without killing your waist line. 

Brenda was featured on the news!

Hear about how she helped Willis Insurance Services foster a culture of health at work all with the power of Super Foods!

On air with Cherry Creek Radio!

Sharing her best health tips with you. 

July, 2015 – No Excuses PT, San Diego, CA:
“Super Foods to Keep in Your Kitchen” based on my Ebook.

No Excuses PT, San Diego, CA

March 27, 2014 – Willis Insurance Services: “A Holistic Approach to Healthy Human Capital”

Willis Insurance Services: Presented “A Holistic Approach to Healthy Human Capital"

September 29, 2015 – JFS Coastal Club for Adults 60+: “Super Foods to Keep in Your Kitchen” based on my Ebook.

“Thanks for presenting to my group. You presented your information with confidence and expertise. You are a wonderful motivator and a shining example of the power of healthy eating and living well.” – Jodi Rudick, Program Coordinator, Jewish Family Service of San Diego

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