Because being healthy is really about one thing:

how you want to FEEL every. single. day.

And I bet that’s amazing, energized, vibrant and focused.

You’re scared about getting started. Because you worry about failing. You worry about being criticized. You think, “What if this doesn’t work?” I mean… you’ve “tried everything,” right?

But you’re also sick and tired of carrying the extra weight

 Sick and tired of all the pain you feel in your joints and bones (God forbid there’s an emergency and you have to run because you’d be in some serious pain!)

 Sick and tired of holding back from enjoying your life because you just can’t stand how you look and feel

 Sick and tired of not having the energy to play with your kids, walk on the beach, or even be intimate

 Sick and tired of not knowing what foods are right for you and your family at this stage of life (Should you be gluten free? Sugar free? Dairy free? Keto? There are so many rules!)

 Sick and tired of wearing the same 3 things over and over because nothing fits how you want it to

 And when you think about it, you’ve been this sick and tired for way too long

The truth is you can choose to sweep your feelings of frustration under the rug pretty easily except for when, umm…

You’re in the shower and you get naked

And when you have to untag yourself from pictures

And when you shop for clothes

Oh, and when you play with your kids.

Or have a wedding to go to

When you need a nap at 10am, 3pm, 5pm

And when you’re crying for no reason, when your pants won’t button

And when you walk past a mirror.

Or when your doctor tells you that you have diabetes and you have to change your lifestyle and eating habits OR else…

Ok, so it’s on your mind pretty much all the time.

It SUCKS to feel sluggish, tired, bloated, overweight, ashamed, and the f word (fat). Yet, we go on allowing ourselves to feel this way because it’s easier to put blinders on and ignore the fact that we need to make BIG changes in our lifestyle and eating habits.

Let’s face it — mega changes = mega overwhelming

I totally agree with you!

Doing anything drastic (like dieting, forcing yourself to hit the gym for 60
minutes every day, and counting every calorie) is a recipe for failure.

Which is why I want you to think about getting healthy in a different way.

What if getting healthy and in shape could be fun?

What if eating real, whole foods could be delicious, satisfying, easy and even a little naughty? *Wink*

What if moving and grooving your body could feel amazing?

What if taking back your health could be more of a big, great, delightful project and less of a pain in the you know what… !

Brenda Sillas, My Health Project
Chef Diego, My Health Project

Picture this…

Actually looking forward to eating food because it makes you feel wonderful — not only while you’re eating it but also afterwards and even the next day? (This is totally possible)

Fitting, sitting and zipping into those old “skinny” clothes you’ve got buried in the deep, dusty corners of your closet

Having your family tell you “This was the best dinner ever!” And you feeling proud because you secretly know it was super healthy and good for them too

That feeling of excitement because you’re seeing the results you’ve always wanted, but this time it’s different. This time it’s effortless and everything just keeps falling into place. Over. And. Over. Again. Hallelujah.

Brenda Sillas, My Health Project

Why is this the moment you’ve been waiting for?

When change is drastic, painful, and annoying we’re pretty much setting ourselves up for failure right from the start. We end up exhausting ourselves out before we can even enjoy the benefits of getting started. The numbers on the scale go up instead of down, our pants get tighter, and our energy dips lower like never before.

But on the flipside, when you learn how to integrate one powerful and pleasurable shift at a time, you begin to see real progress. You can start to see your goals within reach: losing the weight, having endless energy, and best of all, you realize that there is hope! It’s all about the journey, baby!

And that’s what I’m here to teach you.

Brenda Sillas, My Health Project

My own before and after story


Psssst. I want to tell you a secret about me…

I used to be ashamed of the way I looked.

At one point I was close to 40 pounds overweight, hiding out in dark, loose-fitting clothing and scrambling to the back of any group photo to hide the pudgyness I felt as my rolls spilled over the top of my jeans.

Plus, I had acne fueled by binge eating and an overpacked schedule.

I told myself someday I’d cure my emotional eating.

Someday I’d lose the weight. 

Someday I would learn how to balance the high standards I had for myself in my career, family, and education with how I should be treating my own body.

Someday I’d even look at selfies and in the bathroom mirror and love (or let’s face it even like!!) what I saw.

Someday I would actually feel confident and sexy 

Before After Weight Loss

Guess what.

That switch didn’t flip until I was pregnant and creating a beautiful life inside of me.

Suddenly an entire life was dependent on me being both 100% there for my baby and being able to to nourish him into existence!!! That was enough to smack me awake and make me realize… someday needs to be today.

The funniest part is that now I’m actually busier than I’ve ever been… but the healthiest and happiest too!! Unbelievable, right?

It turns out being “busy” and being healthy is possible!

A Timeline of My Health Project

Brenda Sillas Timeline


But why do we put our health on hold?

We think we don’t have time. Hello! This is the real world, and there are important things to get done. Eating healthy food takes planning and scheduling and shopping and cooking and cleaning and…it’s all too much!

We tell ourselves being and eating healthy is expensive

We tell ourselves our family won’t eat healthy food so why even bother?

We tell ourselves “I eat healthy, for the most part” and are comfortable staying where we’re at—even though we complain every day about low energy, pain, bloating and how nothing fits

We tell ourselves “I know what I need to do” but then don’t actually do it

We tell ourselves “I’ll start my diet on Monday” every Sunday

 We blame other people like our family, our co-workers … they always have cake, donuts, unhealthy food…It’d be rude not to eat it!

Why you need to start your own health project beginning with your nutrition, like, yesterday!

Your health! Living longer, looking younger, preventing disease, fitting into your clothes, having a higher quality of life — the power is in your hands.

Your time! Want more energy to live your busy life? It’s possible through your daily choices. (Seriously. Having better health = more time.)

Your family! Don’t you want to be around your loved ones and set the example on how important it is to take care of their bodies and encourage them?

Your mindset! Seeing results = thinking more positively. Thinking more positively = seeing results.

Your community! The best way to inspire others is to start with ourselves.

Chef Diego and Brenda Sillas
My Health Project ... begins with my nutrition

Here’s how Your Health Project happens…

Week 1

Kitchen makeover and healthy cooking for beginners

Week 2

Get over your food addictions and break up with sugar

Week 3

Maximizing your energy with water and movement

Week 4

The power of reducing ONE food group

Week 5

Clean eating and grains — how to know what’s right for your unique body

Week 6

Emotional eating, cravings and relationships

Week 7

What you need to know about the food industry and how it affects the way we eat

Week 8

Your NEW lifestyle (Forget about maintaining — choose thriving instead!)

Side effects of starting and completing your Health Project include (and no, you won’t find these side effects in any prescription bottle):

Mental clarity:

I take the guesswork out of things so you don’t have to waste any more time. It’ll be clear exactly what you need to do to make your goals a reality


This is where the magic happens. You’ll learn to love yourself, your body and love the path of becoming the healthiest and best version of yourself yet!


Working actively towards a goal gets you excited for your day and your entire life!


You’ll be so much more productive in all areas — work, home, play, life because you’ll be feeling your best!

Skin health:

When you cleanse from the inside, it shows on the outside. Hello, clear and glowing skin! Bye bye, blemishes and heavy Instagram filters!!


Knowledge really is power. In 8 weeks, you’ll learn the tools to change your body and mindset to make this your permanent lifestyle.


Wake up every single day without hitting the snooze button a million times. You’ll be waking up feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the day. You’ll gain so much energy, you might actually become a morning person (no caffeine needed!).

You’re ready to start your health project beginning with your nutrition if you’re:

Brenda Sillas, My Health Project

Ready to say adios to the extra weight and extra dress sizes

Ready to come in off the sidelines to play with the kids, go to a fun fitness class, work out, try a new sport or just move your body like you used to be able to before all the aches and pains

Ready to get rid of your insecurities, stop yourself from hiding, and enjoy your life and your body fully

Ready to radiate confidence.

Ready to have the energy to do more and actually stay awake

Ready to feel confident in what you’re feeding yourself and your family, because you know it’s going to nourish everyone

Ready to shop for fun clothes or pull out your old favorites because they fit again

This isn’t for you if:

You want to keep telling yourself you’ll never be healthy because “it’s in your genes” or other excuses

You’d rather struggle with starting and stopping, fad diets and your weight yo-yoing than doing what works

You want to take a magic pill, try a wrap, go on a juice fast or have a fast surgery so the weight will just disappear. That’s not how your body works, sister!

You love feeling drained, sluggish and bloated

You want a soft, babying approach instead of someone who’s actually going to hold you accountable to doing the work

You think a quick detox is a permanent way to lose weight. I’ve got news for you: it isn’t! If you want to see lasting results, you’ve got to make lasting changes. Period. End of story.

You’re not willing to invest in your health and your body

Brenda Sillas, My Health Project

Every day I work with busy professionals who spent years trying diet after diet, pinning hundreds of recipes and meal plans on Pinterest, signing up for tons of weight loss challenges online, and watching YouTube videos on weight loss and health before they finally gave up and decided to get help. That’s a lot of time wasted. And as a busy, professional, that’s a lot of time that you don’t have.

I want you to be healthy NOW so you can live life fully and enjoy it confidently TODAY. Because the present is all we’ve really got to work with. I know that you want to experience life without the pain (emotional and physical) that comes from being unhealthy. I know you’re in this to transform yourself and I also know that you’re driven, confident and fully capable!

Chef Diego with kale


Step-by-step nutrition and health guidance: Start your own health project with the guidance from an expert who’s been there, done that, and literally gotten all the degrees and certifications you can think of.

8 modules delivered via personal membership site to teach you healthy habits and keep you on track. Each module will come with specific homework assignments, recommended documentaries, tutorials, high-level overviews, recipes with 5 ingredients or less, and handouts that you can use in the moment or come back to later.

Private Facebook community to share your struggles, successes, and ask questions. This group will be monitored by myself and I will hold regular office hours to answer your questions

Lifetime access to all of the materials, so you can return to any of the lessons when you have a question or need a refresher. This content is yours to keep.




Flash forward to the holidays.

You’ve just completed your health project.

Brenda Sillas

Fitting into the little black dress and posing confidently for photos with your family? Check.

Having the energy for all your events and still waking up early on Christmas morning? Absolutely.

Knowing what to indulge in at the office party, and what to skip on at the buffet table? That too.

Your skin is glowing.

The extra pounds are gone.

You feel and look radiant.

Family and friends you haven’t seen for months are asking what your secret is.

Flash forward to the holidays.

You haven’t worked on your health.

Emergency shopping trip to find a black dress that hides the pudge for the holiday photos? Yup.

Dragging ass to all the parties, dinners, and family gatherings when you’re really just exhausted and wishing you could go home and sit on the couch? That too.

Piling on the make-up to cover the adult acne and ruddiness,

and squeezing in the drops to disguise the red eyes from poor sleep,

and using a volumizer on your hair because yours has been falling out more lately for some reason

and picking out your toughest pair of Spanx?

All yeses there too.

Brenda Sillas

Your health project is in your hands.
I’m giving you everything you need to succeed, but ultimately,
it’s you who has to make the choice.
Which future do you want?

When you COMMIT TO YOUR Health Project, you’ll receive:

Kitchen makeover and healthy cooking for beginners videos + lessons

Get over your food addictions and break up with sugar videos + lessons

Maximizing your energy with water and movement videos + lessons

The power of reducing ONE food group videos + lessons

Clean eating and grains — how to know what’s right for your unique body videos + lessons

Emotional eating, cravings and relationships videos + lessons

What you need to know about the food industry and how it affects the way we eat videos + lessons

Your NEW lifestyle videos + lessons

Step-by-step nutrition and health guidance from an expert

A full resource library with recommended documentaries, watch-and-learn tutorials, and recipes with 5 ingredients or less

Private Facebook community to get 24/7 support from the entire group

Lifetime access to all the course materials




Real results from others who have started their own health projects:



Brenda made a positive impact on my life and continues to inspire me to live a healthier lifestyle. – Marlis Rosetti-Castro




It’s hard having a career and a family and still make the time for exercise and healthy meals. Brenda is living proving that being healthy doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. The tips, advice and encouragement she shares is for people who live in the real world-who juggle busy schedules. She makes it doable and fun and is a constant inspiration to me and my family. – Sally Scovel



The reason I love Brenda so much is because she KNOWS what it’s like to struggle through this journey of having a healthy lifestyle and sexy body. She is not the kind of coach who will make up some BS health rule and tell you to “eat right and work out”. She takes your situation and your struggles and builds a plan of action that will work FOR YOU. – Kristie Ali


Brenda is very passionate about helping people attain their goals regarding losing weight and staying healthy and fit. All you need to do is, look at her and see that she is the perfect role model for what she does. I would recommend Brenda without hesitation if you are serious about losing some weight staying healthy and having fun doing it.

– Bob Johnson – Coronado Catering

THANK YOU for your program. I loved it! Thank you for being such an inspiration to many of us.
– Lourdes M.

After following your recommendations I’ve noticed a change in my skin and my digestion!
– Klaudia V.

I did it!! 5 years trying but I made it 3 days with no sugar ­­with your help!!
– Ann D.

I lost 10lbs in just 4 weeks of following Brenda’s program!
– Maria J.


When does the program actually start and end?

You will receive access to the course within 48 hours of submitting payment. You will have access to all course material and can go at your own pace.   

How much time will I have to put into this? I’m super busy.

I’ve done most of the work already for you!  I know what works and what doesn’t because I’ve been in this industry for 15 years, helping hundreds of clients lose weight and get healthier.  I’ll take the guessing out of what to eat, make and how to make it.  And the great thing is that if you have kids, you can totally involve them in your project. This is fun, so it won’t even seem like work.

Am I going to have to work out all the time?

I know you’re super busy, and the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours and hours in the gym.  That’s why I’ve made this program so you don’t even even need to go to the gym if you don’t want to!  I don’t have a gym membership, and I do everything from home.  I focus on exercises that take the least amount of time but have the MOST impact on getting you to lose the weight.

How will the content be delivered?

You will be given access to an exclusive membership site where all content will be housed. You can keep coming back to your modules, lessons and homework over and over throughout the course and even after every single upgrade!

How will the information be disseminated?

You’ll have access to audios, videos, handouts and demos so no matter what your learning style, they’ll be an easy way for you to receive the information.

If you read this far it’s for a reason. Let’s hop on a quick call so I can address any questions that are on your mind. You really have nothing to lose. Only so much to gain.





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