My little guy turned 2 last month and we had a blast celebrating his birthday with family and friends.  Normally, I would do what most Mexicans do at parties and go all out on candy, candy bags, and a dessert table. But this time, I said, nope, not this time.

Did I have a birthday cake? Yes. Did I have candy? Yes. Did I provide party favors? Yes. But this time, I just couldn’t live with myself had I stuffed the little kids party bags with processed sugar, fat and chemical laden poison – I mean, candy in addition to the birthday cake. Don’t get me wrong, if I see a fun size Twix in front of me or a little Mexican tamarindo candy, forget it – I’m all over it. But that’s the thing, see, “out of sight, out of mind” works for me and I’m guessing it would work for others.

So, what did I do? You’ll never guess what I did.

apple slicerI had a birthday cake and the only candy I had was what was stuffed in the pinata (it’s a Mexican tradition at kid’s parties).  And normally, Mexicans, we usually stuff the party favor bags for the kids with candy and give guests a “thank you for coming” gift that includes some kind of sweet treat, but this time, I changed it up.  Here goes. Instead of party bags filled with candy, I gave all the little kiddos lunch coolers and instead of a sweet treat for the adults as a thank you gift, I gave them apple slicers. Ha! My original intention was to fill the lunch cooler bags with tangelos, bananas and nuts but I just didn’t have enough time. Maybe next year.

Surprisingly, the reaction I received from the parents was so positive! Here are  some of the comments I received about the apple slicer:

“Thanks!  You saved me the trouble of buying one.”

“This is exactly what I wanted!”

 “I’ve always wanted one of these.”


And the little kids?  They loved their little lunch coolers!  As for me, I was a happy momma bear because the gifts I gave them came with a lot of love.  And the fact that they were so well received filled my heart with joy.

When I say that health and well-being is a lifestyle, I truly mean it.  It’s a lifestyle that one must embrace and practice every single day in every situation.  I’m not perfect (far from that), but I constantly try to find ways to improve my healthy lifestyle and share it with others in a way that is not invasive.  And even in this example, I still had cake and some candy but I found a balance between it all and gave my guests some tools that they could take home and use on their own health journey.

In the comments below tell me, have you ever received negative or positive reactions about your healthy lifestyle?

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