Healthy Halloween Ideas!!

I can’t believe Halloween is less than 3 weeks away!  Personally, Halloween is one of my favorite times to celebrate.  I know some people choose to not celebrate this holiday due to religious or other views and preferences but for my family and I, it’s an opportunity to share our creativity and have fun.  I’m really not into the spooky, scary stuff so we tend to have fun and be silly.  Unfortunately, though, Halloween is also a time when the stores overflow with sugar, fat, and chemical laden candy that eventually land in our kids’ trick or treat bag.  Womp womp!  But, I have a few suggestions on how you can turn your halloween into a healthy halloween with some healthy halloween ideas!

Okay, on to my tips on how to have a healthy Halloween!  

When it comes to deciding what to give Trick or Treaters – here is a list of other non sugary, fat, chemical filled options.  

When it comes to deciding what to do with all the candy your kids collect:

  • As soon as you get home, empty their bags into a container that they can not access and only allow them one treat a day.  Eventually, they will forget about it.
  • Keep only a few pieces and then donate the rest!
  • Save it for your kid’s birthday party or even to give away as treats during the upcoming Holidays
  • Freeze the chocolate bars so you’ll be less tempted to eat them
  • My favorite option, limit the time you spend trick or treating so you receive less treats 🙂

I hope my tips help.  And remember, it’s okay to be “that mom” that doesn’t give in to buying the high fat, high sugar, chemical loaded junk.  I’ll admit, when I go to the stores during this time of year I easily gravitate to the fun Halloween aisles but I stop myself from buying the candy!  A part of me wants to just be like “oh c’mon, you loved snickers as a kid, just get the bag.”  But then another part of me says “no, you’ll end up eating them before Halloween!”  Ha!  Plus, I just can’t get myself to give the kiddos all this poison.  I don’t judge and yes I do dig into the office candy bowl now and then (stupid candy bowl!) but a part of me just can’t give it to the kiddos.  Also, candy is SOOO expensive these days!  Forget it.

I’d love to hear in the comments below what your thoughts are on Halloween and what you’ll be doing.  Trick or Treat!!!

As a treat, just thought I’d share some of our family halloween costumes.  🙂









IMG_9001 IMG_9000 IMG_8953




My husband is currently working on our costumes for this year – they are going to be awesome and fun!



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