10 days to stress-free, no guilt eating, and meal planning made simple.

The Brenda Sillas Diet

A 10 Day Jumpstart to Weight Loss


gluten free | dairy free | plant-based

I’m Brenda Sillas, and I’d like to help you eliminate belly bloating, feel good, have more energy, lose weight and feel confident in your skin so you can look and feel amazing every single day. In other words, yes, you will learn how to make this your healthy lifestyle – no more frustrating dieting!


Here’s what people loved most about the Brenda Sillas Diet 10 Day Jumpstart:

I lost 3 pounds in 10 days and did not feel the need to snack. The plan is very simple, direct and to the point.

“The meals!”

“Easy to follow”

“Easy to use”

“She gives you menu items and portion sizes”

“The eating plan!”

“Loved breakfast! I will continue to make my mason jar breakfasts and smoothies for weekdays.”

“So easy and filling!”

“It is so simple and didn’t add any burden to my life because of how easy it was to follow”

You don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love to feel good. Or constantly follow strict, unrealistic and unsustainable diets to be healthy and lose weight. In fact, with Brenda Sillas’ 10 Day Jumpstart to weight loss, you can start exactly where you are.  No cooking experience or nutrition background required. Do just 85% of what she suggests and see the bloat vanish and extra fat melt away.

✔︎ Follow through and be consistent – No more starting off great then “falling off the wagon.”

✔︎ Stop saying “no” all the time to tempting foods that you enjoy (this isn’t about deprivation)

✔︎ Focus on habits and scheduling instead of forcing yourself to be “disciplined” or rely on motivation

✔︎ Assure you’re getting the right amount of food at each meal to curb cravings

✔︎ Prepare healthy, filling and delicious meals that are simple and have 5 ingredients or less

✔︎ Cut out junk food and sweets especially when you’re on the go, stressed or in social gatherings

✔︎ Break down the weight loss process and make it so simple so that it doesn’t add any layers of burden to your life.

✔︎ Take the guesswork out of what to eat and exactly what to do to lose the weight (no more weird “rules” and dumb fads.)

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PHASE 1: Preparation

You’ll prepare your kitchen in a way that makes it easy for you to succeed and learn exactly what you need to have in advance.

PHASE 2: Implementation

Get ready to rock the simple and tasty, step by step 10 day meal plan created specifically to help you banish bloat, lose weight, and feel amazing so you can finally function to your full potential!

PHASE 3: Your body ROCKS!

Learn how to make this a sustainable lifestyle change and actually listen to your body to keep the weight coming off, feel your absolute best and have endless energy every single day.


I was actually able to be consistent because the plan was so simple and easy to follow!


-Erika S.
Stay at home mom/ parent caregiver

I no longer have swelling in my ankles at the end of the day and I can’t believe the amount of energy I have.  The diet is easy to use and the food is great.

– Nancy P. Registered Nurse

I lost weight and did not feel bloated. I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt and how satisfying the food was.   – Veronica S. Human Resources Professional

I feel better overall.  It’s just a huge difference to be eating the nutrients that I should be eating to have full healthy meals and not make me hungry or crave snacks or candy. After learning the basics from the plan, I’m confident I can continue this on my own.

– Melissa G.
Career Consultant

I wanted to learn how to eat better, learn how to make easy meals and drink more water. The plan walked me through all of  this with an easy to follow process provided in bite size pieces. I appreciated that because I never felt overwhelmed.   – Alejandra V. Corporate Trainer
✔︎ Meal plan: easy to follow and simple
✔︎ Expert guidance: that is encouraging, supportive, and evidence based – I take all the guesswork out of everything for you
✔︎ Recipes: with 5 ingredients or less, easy to make, filling and delicious
✔︎ Exercise plan: won’t take up a lot of time and can easily be incorporated into your day
✔︎ Tips and tricks: To make life easier and more efficient for you – I know you’re incredibly busy with competing priorities
✔︎ Just what you need to know: I eliminate the minutia and get right to the point

The Brenda Sillas Diet

A 10 Day Jumpstart to Weight Loss


About the author, Brenda Sillas.

Brenda Sillas is a high impact Weight Loss & Well-being Specialist and Health & Wellness Consultant for busy, driven entrepreneurs, parents and professionals. She helps individuals lose weight, be overfilled with natural energy, and change their relationship with food so that they can have optimal life performance.  Among other things, she is also a former National Physique Committee competitor, Mother of 2, Keynote Speaker, and an accomplished Corporate Wellness Consultant.

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