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For over 30 years I’ve dedicated my entire life to uncovering the true cause of the obesity epidemic and how to reverse it. 

I’ve witnessed how, as a society, we allow ourselves to be influenced by the inexpensive and so convenient Standard American Diet (SAD). Which is filled with enormous portion sizes. convenience food, drive-thrus and quick foods that make it too convenient for us not to want to cook and prepare meals for ourselves. What this does is remove us completely from our cultures and enjoying the richness of real food from our cultures.

As a freshman in high school I refused to be a statistic indicating that as a Latina woman, I wouldn’t graduate high school and that I was horrible at math. I went from a 1.9 grade point average and failing basic math to graduating top of my class with honors and getting an A+ in pre-calculus. How did I do it? I started focusing on my health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, success, mindset). You know that thing about the mind/body connection? Well turns out it’s true. Very true.  When I take care of myself I perform better all around in all areas of life and I feel amazing.

My early 20’s taught me that toxic relationships could be one of the most detrimental things to one’s health and wellbeing. I gained close to 40lbs and was trying to be vegan to be skinny.

Brenda Sillas


Today, I’m the busiest I’ve ever been as a mom of two young kids under the age of 3, a wife, and successful entrepreneur and speaker. Additionally, I’m a consultant for the nation’s top not for profit health plan where I consult businesses, corporations and organizations in the entire San Diego region on how to create healthy environments, cultures and teams so that their employees can thrive and contribute tremendously to the success, productivity and efficiency of the business.


The bottom line is this:


If you’re a business owner, lead an organization,
or are part of the C-suite of a corporation the bottom line is this:



  • Owner/ Founder, High impact transformation health coaching and consulting for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. Creator of Say Goodbye to Your Fat Jeans – an online 6 week weight loss jumpstart program and creator of My Health Project – an online 8 week health transformation jumpstart program. Motivational speaker and workshop facilitator.
  • Workforce Health Consultant, Kaiser Permanente: Strategic consulting to transform San Diego based businesses, corporations and organizations to improve employee health, wellbeing, productivity and organizational performance.
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Founder of Providing high impact health & lifestyle Coaching to help successful, career oriented individuals regain their health and continue to be successful in all areas of life.
  • Senior Health Outcomes Consultant, Assistant Vice President, Willis Towers-Watson: As the subject matter expert, provide consultative services to Willis clients in areas such as guidance and best practice knowledge regarding all aspects of wellness program strategy, development, implementation and evaluation.
  • Wellness Consultant/ Implementation Manager II, American Specialty Health: Strategically assist clients in maximizing their Healthyroads wellness program services. This included data analysis, ongoing program management and evaluation. Implemented wellness programs for Fortune 500 and Large Corporations including health plans and strategic alliances
  • Health and Wellness Coach, American Specialty Health: Consult with members to develop a plan that will help them reach goals and sustain lasting behavioral changes
  • Community Health Educator, Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion: In collaboration with the California State University, Chico and Chico County, provided health educational outreach, education and advocacy in the community.
  • Weight Management Counselor, Camp California Fitness: Conducted exercise, nutrition and health related classes for young girls and adolescents who were overweight.
  • Personal Trainer & Spinning Instructor, Bally Total Fitness: Instructed private and group exercise sessions. Incorporated nutrition, cardiovascular and strength training into comprehensive weight loss/management plans

Education & Expertise:

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City: Professional Training and Certification Program – Holistic Health Coach
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) – University of Phoenix
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science with an emphasis in Health Education – California State University, Chico
  • Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) – National Commission for Health Education Credentialing
  • Certified Wellness Program Manager – National Wellness Institute
  • Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals – Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA)
  • Healthcare Champion Finalist – San Diego Business Journal
  • Speaker – Wellbeing, Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Workforce Health


I do not believe in a one size fits all approach. My one on one coaching clients get a customized approach to achieving, health, optimal well-being and success. This includes but is not limited to meal plans, macronutrient profiles, personal strategic planning and coaching.


My one on one coaching clients get access to me via email, text, and messenger in addition to regularly scheduled calls.

My courses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be taken in the convenience of your home, a coffee shop, anywhere in the world! They are online based courses with downloadable worksheets, video tutorials and more. Plus, you get lifetime access to them.


Aside from weight loss, my clients experience breakthroughs in their immediate relationships, love life, career, finances and overall happiness. Within 3 weeks of working with me most clients lose an average of 6 – 15 pounds (results vary).

Service Benefits:

  • I take the time to listen to you, gather data, and after analyzing that on your behalf, I create a strategy & heath goals based on your current lifestyle.
  • I take all the guesswork out for you. I’ve done all the research and have all the experience already (plus I constantly am learning new things) – there is no need for you to try to figure things out
  • I tie in the life coaching element because it’s all interrelated. It’s about how happy and satisfied you are in the other areas of your life as well (finances, relationships, environment, etc.)
  • I keep things really simple – one of my guiding principles is a famous quote by the man himself, Albert Einstein – “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
  • I can create custom exercise routines without any equipments or gym memberships.
  • I can relate to managing eating healthy with very little time – all of my recipes have 5 ingredients or less and require minimal cooking!
  • I focus on small changes that yield BIG results
  • I’m a fabulous motivator – see the testimonials page for more.
  • I have a strong spiritual and nutritional core
  • With my corporate wellness, health plan and employee benefits background I can work with you on how to maximize your health care coverage and other benefits.
  • You will be held accountable! I’m nice but I do believe in a little bit of tough love. *wink*
  • Pantry assessment – I’ll work with you to figure out what to keep or toss and why

Client Benefits:

  • You’ll be happy with your body!
  • You’ll begin to feel excited about life again!
  • You’ll be happy and never look at food the same way. Now you’ll see food as a reflection of how much you LOVE YOURSELF
  • You’ll show up confidently in work and personal life.
  • You’ll understand when it’s ok to indulge without feeling guilty!
  • You’ll feel relieved to know that someone is finally doing the guess work for you!
  • You’ll never have to wonder what to eat, or should eat, because Brenda will be there for support with compassion (someone that gets YOU!)
  • You’ll have confidence in your ability to make choices, in how you show up at work and in life where weight is now taken off their shoulder not doubtful, and worry about other people judging them on what they eat!
  • You’ll be confident in making choices with a sense of knowing what’s good for you!
  • You’ll begin to own your choices and not care what other people think
  • You’ll be empowered, because now you’ll know how to cook healthy balanced meals that taste great and you’ll understand how to read food labels
  • You’ll be hopeful, not frustrated and finally forget about “dieting.” Brenda takes the time to listen and give actionable steps to results in as soon as 2 days time
  • You’ll be proud of the accomplishments that you make
  • You’ll learn how to make this a lifestyle regardless if you’re traveling for work, on vacation with the family, or just busy with life!

THANK YOU for your program. I loved it! Thank you for being such an inspiration to many of us.

Lourdes M.

I did it!! 5 years trying but I made it 3 days with no sugar ­­ with your help!!

Ann D.

After following your recommendations I’ve noticed a change in my skin and my digestion!

Klaudia V.

Brenda made a positive impact on my life and continues to inspire me to live a healthier lifestyle.

Marlis Rosetti-Castro

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