People always wonder what I eat – I’m guessing they think all I eat is grass.

Boy are they wrong.

The truth is I eat.

I eat a lot. But it’s all customized to my personal goals and current stage of life. 

As a 35 year old professional woman with a sedentary desk job, mother of 2 under the age of 4 and ambitious woman, my priorities and goals are as follows:

  • Maintain my weight and lean muscle mass
  • Improve cellular health
  • Prepare for menopause (yes, I know it’s early – but have you heard the horror stories about menopause?! No thank you.)

In terms of WHY the above are my priorities here you go:

  • I’d like to continue to be independent when I’m a little old lady 
  • I’d like to be involved in my kid’s lives now and when they’re adults – I refuse to watch from the sidelines
  • I want to live a long life so I can make a lot of money and actually enjoy it by giving back to the community, set my kids up for success, and buy a farm up in a hill far far away from society (I’m half joking).

Have you ever asked yourself what your priorities and goals are regarding your health at THIS current stage of your life and WHY?

Before you embark on any diet or wonder what I eat, ask yourself the above questions first.  You have to start there and know that your plan needs to be completely customized to you, your current stage of life, your priorities and goals.  

Now that you know my priorities, goals and have a glimpse into my current stage of life, this is what my typical Monday – Friday looks like in terms of food.

  • 32 oz of water before 7:30am
  • Green smoothie by 8:30am – Greek yogurt, spinach, banana, flax milk (for example)
  • Snack – Green tea plus something like bell peppers and turkey breast between 10:30 and 11am
  • Lunch – always a salad around 12:30 – 1pm. This one had romaine, arugula, spinach, strawberries, onion, sunflower seeds, hummus + turkey and maybe some fruit
  • Sometimes around 3pm I will have some roasted green peas and hazelnuts that I keep in my office OR.. not gonna lie, I sometimes do dip my hand in the office candy bowl! <ugh> #thestruggleisreal
  • I like to drink another 32 oz of water around 4pm
  • When I get home I will have dinner around 6pm and it’s always.. some kind of salad, veggie, and starchy carb + protein.  So today, it was steamed broccoli, tofu and a corn tortilla with avocado (not pictured)
  • And finally, about 30 minutes after dinner I drink more water – about 2 -3 cups, just depends. 

As you can see below, it’s nothing fancy.  I use a simple lunch bag and I actually keep it in my office – just add a little ice pack. Done. Easy. 

There you have it, my diet is actually super simple and light. Partly because the weekdays are so busy and I have to be so alert with meetings, follow ups and kid’s schedules + home duties (no nanny or maid here).

Not to mention, the witch, Aunt Red, is on her way… so I also keep that in mind and am even more mindful of what I eat because she likes to make me bloated and constipated a whole two weeks before she arrives. Not fun. Obviously, if I was on my feet all day or had a more active job, I would need more dense food to keep me going. 

If you need help customizing your plan to meet your needs, whether it’s weight loss, increase lean muscle mass, improve cellular health, prepare for pregnancy, prepare for retirement, etc. reply to this email and let’s talk.

There are several ways for us to work together but first let’s see if we’d even be a good fit for each other. If we’re not a good fit, I can always refer you to something or someone that would be a better fit for you. I’m here to help. 

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With love, health and happiness, 


Brenda V. Sillas, MBA, CHES, INHC

Weight Loss Strategist & Nutrition Coach
Transformation & Wellbeing Specialist
Workforce Health Consultant 
Motivational Speaker
Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals by WELCOA
Healthcare Champion Finalist – San Diego Business Journal

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